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a new orleans pizza, and a san francisco pizza, and a baltimore pizza, the new orleans has your standard mozzarella and tomato sauce, we've got mardi gras colors, purple unonce, golden peppers and when it comes out of the oven, basil on top of it. so we're-- >> here is the finished product, the new orleans pizza, right. >> yeah, that's it with the sam adams infused crust and the recipes from a pizza school where you can learn to make pizza. >> tucker: how many beer do americans consume during super bowl sunday? >> not enough. you're the only one who thinks that. move super bowl sunday to a saturday. >> no, in new england we're going to be drowning our sorrows in sam adams. >> i love the maryland blue crab and here is a baltimore pizza, a crab cake pizza. >> yeah, it's a white pizza and use crab meat. go to the grocery store, you don't need a hammer to mash up the shells. it's got ricotta cheese in it. >> tucker: looks unbelievable. >> all of these are great with a big flavorful beer like sam adams. >> clayton: and finally the san francisco pizza. >> a pimento, pesto pizza. >> tucker: one
swam from alcatraz to san francisco with my hands and feet tied. only one of three in the world to have done that november 11th, 2011. i swam the mississippi river blind folgded my hands handcuffed behind me and feet shackled. i learned how to swim that way as a marine. i was taught water survival. i do those things to show people that anything is truly possible. if you believe in it and train for it really go for something, you can do anything. and that's what i -- the message i want to give. i did all of that without drugs. >> and incredibly brave. to swim the mississippi blindfolded and handcuffed. i'm impressed thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> latest -- colleges latest victims of obama care? >> clayton: one of the wildly watched tv shows. abbey's success. >> are you interested in irish politics lloyd martin? >> he is interested in irish repression like all of you. >> this matters a great deal to you. >> yes, it does matter. this stuff. it matters very great deal. >> what's so funny? >> nothing. i'm just enjoying this vivid display of irish character. >> that was a sce
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)